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What are the best employee engagement tools to implement in 2022?

Communication is the ultimate key to boosting employee engagement. When you simply ask questions like, “how are you doing?” or “How are you today?” will make your team members feel appreciated, valued, and respected. Highlighting compassion will allow you to win over as well as retain the best-available talent.

Thankfully, in the modern digital era, monitoring, as well as improving employee engagement, becomes easier than ever. There is a wide range of relevant employee engagement tools, platforms, and software solutions that can be implemented to keep track of the overall workforce management. Right from the installation of instant messaging platforms to ensuring automated employee engagement surveys, let us help you know about the best employee engagement tools for your organizational strategy.

What are Employment Engagement Tools?

Employee engagement tools or software are specialized application programs that are used by organizations to improve the job satisfaction of employees while retaining talented workforces. The ultimate objective is to help workers get more absorbed in the culture and mission of the organization. Therefore, they turn out to be more effective and productive in the long run.

Most employee engagement tools are administered by the HR or Human Resources departments. The tool is also known as workforce engagement software. With the immense growth of the HR technology domain during the 2000s, employee engagement tools rapidly became a famous HRM or Human Resource Management tool for minimizing turnover, increasing profitability, and stimulating innovation. In the modern era, most systems are automated and optimized for mobile-based systems to effectively engage part-time or full-time employees.

The Best Employee Engagement Tools 2022

The recent surge of employee engagement tools quite lately is no surprise as they help in keeping employees engaged. Employee engagement can be regarded as the level of passion, involvement, commitment, and joy employees tend to feel towards the company for which they are working. You are mostly aware of the importance of employee engagement for the emotional well-being of individuals on the team.

Here are some of the best-in-class employee engagement tools that you can plan out for your organization:


Verimos is a leading employee engagement and modern HR tool that helps with cost-effective benefits to help you manage and retain the workforce effectively. With Verimos, organizations can look forward to increasing retention, recruiting better, minimizing no-shows, and reducing worker’s compensation claims. The software offers access to improved benefits like employee assistance, vision, and several other aspects.

Verimos boasts itself as an interactive engagement tool that charges a small monthly fee without any contracts or paperwork. There are no deadlines or eligibility windows as well. Some additional features are:

  • Administrative dashboards for workforce insights
  • Daily work assessments for the entire workforce
  • Goal setting
  • Dynamic group messaging
  • Unlimited discussion groups

#Keyhubs Mapping

Key hubs Mapping by FutureSolve delivers access to influence mapping for organizations to obtain insights into interpersonal dynamics. Key hubs Mapping is dedicated to unveiling the complications of workplace interpersonal dynamics for driving improved outcomes with the help of top talent, effective, transformative changes, and improved team dynamics.

The leading engagement tool combines unique, customer-centric survey methodologies with cutting-edge mapping software. As such, the tool is effective in providing insight into team dynamics and internal talent to enlighten and transform. Organizations all around leverage Keyhubs Mapping to help with complex challenges -including significant change initiatives, leadership self-awareness, executive integrations, cross-functional collaboration, and succession planning.


Insala Mentoring is a cloud-based employee engagement, mentoring, and training tool that allows HR professionals to match mentors with mentees within an organization. HR managers or professionals can also leverage the engagement capabilities of Insala Mentoring for creating dedicated learning paths, facilitating communication, and analyzing the performance of different mentoring programs.

The solution is made available for all businesses involved in the fields of software development, media, consumer goods, financial services, and so more. The matching module of the Insala Mentoring tool qualifies as well as pairs mentors with the respective mentees with the help of some personalized criteria. It allows users to create comprehensive growth plans while tracking performance regularly. The tool is also capable of sending automated emails for notifying trainees of upcoming sessions.

#Keyhubs Matrix

Key hubs Matrix is a high-end, patent-pending software solution that delivers 360-degree employee networking and sentiment insights. Organizations can make use of Keyhubs Matrix to engage audiences and teams with the help of multi-dimensional polling technology along with real-time, dynamic, 360-degree feedback insights.

The tool is ideal for workshops, keynotes, team-building, coaching, and leadership development offsites and cohorts.

#Career Management

The employee engagement tool allows employees to take effective control of their respective career journeys. The software is designed to develop, motivate, and support the employees of an organization. The international career management software by Insala offers employees access to easy-to-use, self-directed career development resources and tools.

The tool helps by offering employees insight into who they are on professional grounds and how their ever-changing lives will fit into the respective workplace. The leading career management tool helps empower employees to take control of the entire career journey.

#ICOG Learning Experience Platform

It is an AI-powered immersive learning platform. With this software, you can look forward to creating an immersive learning environment as you effectively combine content and knowledge for learners. It is achieved with the help of a personalized and powerful recommendation engine.

Some of the additional features of the ICOG learning experience platform are:

  • AI-powered platform
  • Personalized content recommendation
  • Monetization of content or knowledge
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Ease of knowledge creation
  • Specialist assistance


A reliable employee engagement tool should feature relevant training tools, incentives, and employee recognition, along with feedback and surveys, a notification system, a performance evaluation system, and effective system integration with the right business tools like employee engagement tools and others.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara