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What are the best people analytics software options that HR could implement?

An optimized and efficient HR management team is known to contribute affirmatively to the overall business performance. However, how can you show and prove the value you are adding to the company? HR or People Analytics software solution is one effective to ensure the same.

HR analytics software allows your team to track data on grounds like attendance, performance, labor, and workforce needs such that you are able to predict future trends while hiring as per the requirement. A comprehensive analytical tool can help with a wide range of HR processes -right from training to recruitment, performance management, talent management, and turnover.

What is People Analytics Software?

People analytics software tools help in gathering as well as analyzing HR data in a highly streamlined and effective way. These tools offer the ability to explore causation and correlation while ensuring data-driven decisions about progressing or adjusting. Data obtained out of a reliable people analytics software solution can offer insight into cost per hire, workforce composition, staff turnover rate, employee engagement, diversity, and gender pay equity.

Quality insights collected and analyzed by a people analytics platform can be used for transforming the best HR practices, the HR-employee relationship, and business interactions. These tools are regarded as suitable for organizations of all scales and sizes -right from startups to enterprise organizations.

Best Options for HR

People analytics tools are capable of tracking, analyzing, and visualizing employee-centric data with the help of a user-friendly interface. The best tools will offer you with a dedicated HR dashboard that turns out to be both predictive and insightful. While the insights offered by descriptive analytics help in unveiling the ongoing business landscape, the presence of predictive platforms helps in predicting future trends.

Tools featuring the capabilities of people analytics tend to go a step further. They make use of the insights related to both descriptive and predictive analytics to come up with relevant courses of action. There is a wide range of tools available out there. As such, ample research is needed to come across the tools that best suit your specific needs.

Our suggestions for the best people analytics software tools are:

KeyHubs Mapping

KeyHubs Mapping is a pioneering name in the field of the best people analytics software solutions. The tool helps in uncovering the hidden components of the interpersonal dynamics of any workplace. Eventually, it helps in ensuring improved outcomes through improved team dynamics, the topmost talent, and a highly productive transformational change.

The leading people analytics software tool aims at going beyond the conventional top-down hierarchy while uncovering how to get things done. The tool combines customer-centric methodologies with the best-in-class mapping solutions. Therefore, KeyHubs Mapping is capable of delivering insights around team dynamics and internal talent to surprise, transform, and enlighten.

Corporations tend to routinely interact with KeyHubs Mapping to obtain help with respect to specific challenges -including large-scale change initiatives, leadership self-awareness, new executive integrations, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, and cross-functional collaboration.


HROne HCM is a contemporary, end-to-end HR software solution that has been designed to automate the HR functions totally while bringing about higher efficiency -right from the beginning.

HROne serves to be a mobile-first, intelligent experiential HCM suite that is based on the cloud to help HR personnel save ample time. At the same time, HR managers can look forward to amplifying human interactions to improve employee happiness while delivering analytical insights to aid HR leaders make the right decisions at the right time. The software solution package is available with a wide range of specialized modules -engagement, recruitment, performance, workforce, payroll, people analytics, and so more.

HROne HCM features the first-ever #InboxForHR interface. It is available as a fully functional mobile application to disrupt the manner in which conventional HR functions.

TrenData People Analytics

TrenData People Analytics is an AI-based predictive platform for performing people analytics functions. TrenData People Analytics by Insala is a cloud-based platform offering AI-driven people analytics towards addressing core business requirements.

The solution comes up with robust HR metrics for organizations. It also offers access to trended analytics -enabling HR managers, people managers, and the C-suite to go through the signals in the respective data to optimize the overall workforce performance. The predictive modeling feature of TrenData enables leaders to modify business inputs like compensation and recruiting to observe both the positive as well as negative effects on the business. This allows for the best predictions of business for ensuring future success.

Main Benefits of People Analytics Software

  • The likelihood of improving the effectiveness of the talent acquisition and recruitment processes -minimizing time to hire and cost while ensuring suitability for different roles, will improve the overall quality of hire.
  • Improved performance management throughout your business with the help of insights from tracked performance-centric metrics -like measurement of productivity with the help of performance goals.
  • Monitoring diversity in hiring. A reliable people analytics software solution can also alert you to ensure the necessity of action towards ensuring a highly inclusive, innovative, and diverse workplace.
  • Productivity benefits as employees feel that the business will be actively investing in the people while taking relevant action to come up with a better work environment with the help of adaptive and flexible policies and approaches.
  • Improved workforce planning, making sure that you are proactively hiring, and minimizing attrition to support the overall growth and development of the organization.
  • Improved revenues with the help of streamlined, targeted, and well-informed HR processes.


Research people analytics software tools as you experiment with different products. These tools will offer you a sense of how well your business responds to the same.

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara