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HR tech software for your small business. 6 great solutions

The market of HR tech software solutions is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is believed that around two-thirds of HR executives claim that Human Resources is undergoing major digital transformation. However, companies still feel that they are capable of succeeding in digital transformation only by making large-scale software purchases. It requires access to a reliable budget. Thankfully, modern HR tech software for small businesses does not have to break your bank.

What if your small business is not able to afford the technology? For a small business like a startup, it is important to look for budget-friendly, feature-rich HR tech software to expect the desired results. Even with limited IT resources and a strict budget, small businesses are expected to be efficient and centralize the overall workflow -especially when it comes to HR management. In this aspect, the best HR tech software systems -cloud-based systems with industry-leading functionalities, can help.

Benefits of HR Tech Software

A number of small businesses hesitate spending on HR technology because they think it is unnecessary or expensive. However, the right HR tech software or tool can be a major benefit for businesses when they choose the right HR tech software solution to meet their unique needs. Some additional benefits of leveraging a feature-rich HR tech software solution are:

  • Simple Scheduling or Time Tracking: It can be a major issue if your business experiences a series of leave requests. Therefore, it is imperative for any business to manage them. The right HR technology can help you in avoiding this disaster by tracking proper information even in the absence of employees.
  • Ease of Accessing Information: With a dedicated HR tech software or tool, it is easier to access all the essential information of employees. It helps in simplifying the process of decision-making as you can get access to all data instantly. Moreover, you can be up-to-date with the latest information as well.
  • Saving Time: HR tech like talent management software solution can help in automating time-consuming, labor-intensive processes. Ultimately, it helps you to focus on more important and productive work. If your organization features a good number of employees, you will find it difficult to manage their information manually. However, when you have the right HR tech in place, it can help in automating basic processes like self-services of employees, training, holiday allowance, and sick days.
  • Alignment of Software with Strategy: To get the most of the HR services, it is imperative for the HR team to ensure due diligence such that you get access to the right HR tech for your organization. The best HR tech software solution should be helpful in aligning the HR strategy of your business to fulfill organizational goals.
  • Focused and Efficient Recruiting Efforts: As far as filling a position in your organization is concerned, your business should not struggle with finding the right talent. The utilization of the right HR technology can help you in ensuring faster, better hiring decisions.

A high-end HR tech software solution should feature an interactive ATS or Applicant Tracking System to manage the entire hiring process. ATS solutions by FutureSolve offer the ability to come up with a proper database of qualified resumes to search and call upon during open job positions.

HR Marketplace Products

Talent Management Software Solutions for Your Company

Talent management is an important concept for businesses. Aligning HR with holistic business strategy is a crucial aspect for ensuring the success of an organization. The integration of talent management with leading HR technology has become even more crucial due to the ever-changing workforce demographics, talent shortages, and globalization.

Some of the leading talent management software solutions are:

#KeyHubs Mapping

The HR tech software solution is helpful in influencing mapping for organizations to get a hold of interpersonal dynamics. The software solution is helpful in uncovering the mysteries of workplace interpersonal dynamics. Ultimately, it helps in driving better outcomes with the help of improved team dynamics, top talent, and productive transformative changes.

Keyhubs Mapping solution extends beyond the concept of conventional top-down hierarchy. The software solution combines unique methodologies for customer surveys with the help of state-of-the-art mapping and patented software solutions. The software offers insight into team dynamics and internal talent.

#Hiring Hub

Hiring Hub is committed to reinventing how recruiters and employers work together. The HR tech software solution is helping organizations that value people to leverage recruiters effectively while securing the best talent.

The software offers access to dedicated recruitment solutions -including marketplace, portal, and other recruitment solutions. The solutions offered here are aimed at increasing alignment, fostering trust, facilitating stronger relationships, and helping employers & recruiters find each other.


It is regarded as one of the simplest HRIS solution. It is available as an intelligent, enterprise-grade HCM suite that helps in automating HR processes, simplifying human interactions, and delivering actionable insights to develop better workplaces.

The software solution is available as both on-premise and cloud solution. Moreover, it is available with more than 12 modules to suit every business’ needs.


Verimos is available as a pioneering retention solution for deskless workspaces. The software solution offers cost-effective benefits to help with the recruitment of the deskless workforce. With this software solution, organizations can look forward to increasing retention, recruiting better, reducing no-shows, and reducing compensation claims of workers.

#ProForce Employer Brand Strength Assessment

ProForce Employer Brand Strength Assessment software solution empowers modern businesses to serve as the Employer of Choice by significantly improving the employer brand. It allows organizations to attract top-performing talent that fits the workplace culture properly while winning the war for talent.

ProForce Employer Brand Strength Assessment aims at leveraging several years of branding, consulting, recruiting, operational excellence, and re-engineering, to come across a methodology to assess as well as elevate the organizational messaging for every communication and candidate experience.

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When is it time to implement HR tech at your company?

When properly integrated and implemented, feature-rich HR tech software can help in improving productivity and increasing results -freeing up the HR staff to emphasize the cultivation of workplace bonds and improving employee engagement.

How to decide what type of software you need?

While choosing the right HR software for your business, start by emphasizing what processes you want to be simplified and which features are the most crucial. Some more features to look out for are:

  • Prepare an Initial Assessment: Determine whether the process will be executed by HR consultants or auditors having necessary evaluation and data-gathering skills required by your organization.
  • Assess Your Organizational Needs: Go beyond the scope of the specific needs of your HR department This will offer you guidance on the modules and features you need.
  • Assess the Project Parameters: Once you have a list of additional features and minimum requirements you require, observe how they are holding up against your current infrastructure.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Software

Make use of the best HR tech software solution to empower your business and strengthen its workforce. FutureSolve allows you to get access to the best-in-class HR tech software solution to ensure success for your business.

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