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What are the most useful HR software solutions for your business growth?

The HR software market is transforming rapidly and ever-growing -just like HR departments. As per a recent survey, it is found that two-thirds of HR executives have a firm belief that the modern HR industry has undergone or witnessing a major digital transformation. At the same time, companies can achieve digital transformation only with a major HR software purchase. Thankfully, there is a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing low-budget, feature-rich HR software for small businesses.

The best HR or Human Resources software can help in organizing your business and efficiently running the back office. With such a software solution, it is possible to deliver paychecks, track the time-offs, update changes to employee information, and so more. It can be said that a reliable HR software solution can help in simplifying the day-to-day tasks within an organization.

What Makes HR Software So Effective?

Ideal HR software solution is known to deliver a wide range of Human Resources capabilities and features for both the employees and the management. Here are some features to look out for:

  • Benefits to the Administration: It can be quite time-consuming to manage the overall employee benefits and factor them into payroll calculations. A HRMS or Human Resource Management System delivers easy access to benefits for administration modules like medical insurance, pension plans, vacation, sick leave, and maternity leave.
  • Self Service (Management): Self-service functions help in speeding up the respective HR processes while allowing you to execute specific tasks like accessing employee information, executing performance review data, reviewing candidate applications, and giving approvals to expense claims.
  • Self Service (Employee): Self-service functions of employees allow your staff to enter relevant data while checking on the status of the overall benefits and requesting time-off. This can help in saving your HR department ample time as it is no longer expected to switch between the staff and information.

Some of the Best HR Software for Business Growth

Even with limited IT resources and tighter budgets, small businesses are expected to be efficient and centralize the overall workflows -especially when HR systems for smaller businesses are concerned. Here are some of our best suggestions:

#Hiring Hub

Hiring Hub is a leading online marketplace that helps in connecting companies to some reliable network of specialized recruitment agencies. Employers that make use of Hiring Hub can look forward to widening the process of employee search. This allows them to fill in job positions instantly without any hassle associated with finding talent through multiple recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies can easily join the extensive network of Hiring Hub for developing relationships with employers, growing the respective fee income, and collecting relevant reviews for building the reputation online. Through Hiring Hub, the ultimate objective is to facilitate improved relationships between recruitment agencies and employers.

#QJumpers Applicant Tracking Software

QJumpers is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software that is responsible for combining high-end features like career sites, AI-based talent sourcing, customizable workflows, online job advertising, interview scheduling, job requisition, and so more. QJumpers is regarded as an AI-based recruitment and talent sourcing solution. Therefore, the HR software solution is ideal for the concept of remote hiring.

QJumpers is capable of handling and offering AI-based automated talent hunting technology. It also features mobile-friendly applications and the overall ease of creating customizable workflows, collaborative decision-making, talent pool management, and so more.


HROne HCM is regarded as an enterprise-ready, intelligent HCM suite that helps in automating the HR processes. The platform also helps in simplifying human interactions and delivering actionable insights to come up with better work environment. It is the first-ever HCM in India that is as simple as email. The HR software solution is available on both the premises and cloud.

The entire software solution features more than 12 modules. You can go forward with selecting any modules as per your specific needs. HROne is extremely simple to use and user-friendly platform that helps in integrating all the HR operations seamlessly.

#Think-X Sustainable Productivity Improvement Platform

Think-X is another innovative HR tool by FutureSolve. It is capable of scientifically discovering and activating human potential through the creation of highly effective thinking patterns. Coaches and growth-minded people can think of using Think-X for significantly improving the overall personal performance. At the same time, recruiters and HR professionals can use Think-X analytics for ensuring more predictive hiring along with strategic team decisions.

The Think-Xchange community of the software platform delivers access to personalized accountability and self-development.

#KeyHubs Matrix

KeyHubs is a leading software and service company that specializes in the fields of human networks, self-awareness, and human connection. Therefore, it finds its immense applications in the HR department of organizations.

Keyhubs features an innovative set of advanced software solutions that offer access to specialized services like:

  • Mapping human networks and uncovering key influencers
  • Providing continuous and timely 360 feedback
  • Illuminating and transforming behaviors and perceptions

#Aptology Platform

Are you aware of what every member in your HR team should focus on? What are their respective strengths for the roles? What happens when the team members are derailed? What should you work on particularly? Companies have been for long suffering from some of the common HR problems -ranging from shifting resumes to long performance management, several rounds of interviews, and so more.

Aptology serves to be an industry leader in behavioral assessment with the help of the easy-to-scale platform.

#SAP Success Factors

It is a HCM or Human Capital Management, cloud-based software solution for small-sized to mid-scale businesses that aims at putting employees first. The software is an innovative package by SAP -a leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provider.

SAP Success Factors is distinct from its competitors because it emphasizes HXM or Human Experience Management. The main objective is to redefine the overall employee experience on a positive note while improving the workplace environment.


The use of the right HR software solution is required when you are scaling your company. Therefore, make use of the best one out there!

Kevin Legara
Author: Kevin Legara